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TOKI Schools and Dormotries on multiple locations in Mersin

TOKI Schools and Dormotries on multiple locations in Mersin

IN Architecture, Construction
Investor Name:
Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration
Published Date:
July 3, 2015
Mersin Turkey
6,477,034 USD
Design and Build by MC Mehmet Ozcan
About Project

Name: Turkish Republic – Ministry of National Education
Title: Turkish Republic Prime Ministry – Toplu Konut İdaresi Başkanlığı
This Project was including of totally 36000 m² schools and dorms constructions with a design and build status. All the buildings were located in different places. Also, the contract contains landscaping, substructures, access roads, surrounding walls as a turnkey project.
30072007-2007/67702 was firmly fixed contract for 4 ea school building & 2 ea dormitory building constructions, substructures, and all landscaping turnkey.
On multiple locations 1 school-1dorm in Tarsus/Mersin, 1 school-1 dorm in Mersin, 2 schools in Erdemli/Mersin, TR.
Award Date (mm/dd/yy): 08/03/2007 – Contract Completion Date (mm/dd/yy): 10/25/2008
Actual Completion Date (mm/dd/yy): 02/02/2010

Replacement of one school and one dorm place by the Government due to contract locations. Determination of new places could be realized 1,5 years later officially after the contract date.
This was a multipoint work, so the below price is including whole contract price.
Original Contract Price (Award Amount): $6,473,729 (15.278.000 TL)
Final Contract Price (to include all modifications, if applicable): $6,477,034 (15.285.800 TL)
Due to changing the school and dorm area, the modification occurred only for landscaping and sewer substructure.